Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Color

Have you checked your hair color ingredients?

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Here is the list of the ones should try to avoid:

Here are a few ingredients you will find in popular hair colorant that might surprise you!

Propylene Glycol: This petroleum derivative is a common ingredient in many hair colorants. If you are pregnant, you should avoid this chemical because it's difficult for an exposed infant's kidneys to process this chemical. If you have kidney challenges, you should also avoid this chemical.

Ethanolamine or MEA: This ingredient is popularly used in non ammonia hair colorants. According to several scientific studies this chemical has an 85% chance of causing dermatitis and hair loss compared to ammonia based colorants, which are not harmful because of the small amounts of ammonia present in the formulations. This chemical also has an odorless fume, which means the fume could cause respiratory distress even if you don't smell it. This is a good reason to switch to EcoColors Hair Color.

TEA (Triethanolamine): This chemical present in several popular hair colorants causes allergies, skin peeling and possibly cancer.

Sodium Sulfite, and Sodium Hydrosulfite: These preservatives are common allergens for many people. They cause respiratory symptoms. This chemical is also common in dried fruits and in some wines. Have you ever coughed after ingesting certain foods or wines? Pay attention to your body. Do you cough during your hair color application? It may be because of this chemical exposure.

Fragrance: A generalized ingredient listing such as this could contain chemicals that cause cancer or may be harmful to unborn children (phthalates). It's advisable to avoid any product with this nondescript ingredient listing.

These are just a few ingredients for you to notice in the hair dye that you may be using.
Stay tuned for more ingredients listed soon...

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