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What's in my hair color?

Ammonia vs no ammonia in hair color

Are ammonia free hair dyes really safer?
The truth about ammonia and their substitutes in hair dyes , Sept 28, 2018
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In 2012 a team of Japanese scientists published a study in a medical journal of dermatology. The study suggested that using no ammonia...Read full article

Which Ingredients Should You Avoid in Hair Color?

Listing of ingredients you should absolutely avoid in hair dyes.
Ingredients to avoid

Have you checked your hair color ingredients? Which ones should you avoid?
Here are a few ingredients you will find in a popular hair colorant that might surprise you... Read full article

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Why talk about ingredients in hair dyes?

Because it is important to educate ourselves about the potential dangers of the chemicals we are exposed to daily, we give you real unbiased information to educate you about hair products and their ingredients without all the marketing hype that sometimes surrounds them.


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