Are ammonia free hair colors really safer?
The truth about ammonia and their substitutes in hair dyes Feb 27, 2020

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In 2012, some Japanese scientists published a study in a medical journal of dermatology. The study suggested that using non ammonia hair colorants with peroxide causes oxidative stress on the hair and scalp, resulting in hair loss and skin rashes. These non ammonia colorants specifically contained ethanolamine or monoethanolamine, a chemical popularly used in hair colorants as an alternative to ammonia.

Surprisingly, mea or mono ethanolamine is derived from ammonia.
The small amounts of ammonia in many ammonia based hair colorants are not toxic and ammonia is a preferred ingredient in permanent hair color. Ammonia and peroxide work by opening the hair shaft and allowing the pigments to enter the hair shaft.

EcoColors uses nontoxic amounts of Ingredients. Though EcoColors uses many natural Ingredients, it’s not a plant based hair colorant like henna. If you have henna in your hair, it is recommended to try a test strand before applying any new brand or formula to your hair.

If you have a history of allergies it is recommended that you have a medical plan in place with your physician before applying any new color to your hair, and perform an allergy test and strand test according to the kit directions.

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