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Covering Gray & Med. Ash Brown to Light for Med. Brown Hair?
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1008 Subject: Covering Gray & Med. Ash Brown to Light for Med. Brown Hair? Posted by:
Wed, Jun 02, 2010
12:14 PM

I did a test patch of 2 parts Med. Ash Brown to 1 part Med. Ash Blonde and was surprised to see it lift my color quite a bit, so for fun, I did highlights all over with this color mix. Unfortunately, I've used semi-permanent hair color in the past, and only the virgin "roots" of my hair lifted in color. Nice. haha =D I'm concerned though, because the lift was very noticeable. Perhaps even using full med. brown would lift my color? To temporarily "mask" this hair mishap, I put on another temporary brown color. Will I need to wait for this semi-permanent color to wash out before testing another EcoColor?    Also, I'm about 2-3% gray and these two colors mixed together did "not" cover my grays. Do I need to use one of the N colors? Natural hair color lines always fade with lots of "orange" in my hair, and I'm trying to avoid the "orange" look, but do the ash colors not cover gray as well? I'm not interesting in doing highlights now - just looking for all over color. What would you recommend?    Thank you!

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