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EcoColors Hair Color Reviews

Testimonials from our customers...

...Many of them with us for 2 decades!

Monique M., New York.:
"I was surprised that the color lasts as long as the regular hair color, but much more gentle on the hair. Thank you."

Suzanne M., Stone Ridge, VA:
"Love the products!"

Laura C. WA:
"I used a product that caused intense itching and redness around my ears. No problem with EcoColors. Hair color looks natural, and my hair feels silky and soft. Thank you very much for a great product, and for talking with me."

Shirley W., Simsbury, CT.:
"I've been using Ecocolors haircoloring for about two years, and it continues to provide great color without allergy problems that I used to encounter with commercial brands."

Lori C., San Francisco, CA:
"A co-worker uses this brand. I noticed the beautiful color and look of her hair."

"I started using your hair color a few years ago and I love it! My hair looks and feels so much better than when I was using other hair color. My hair dresser even asked what I was using because my hair looks so shiny and healthy. I also love the way it completely covers my gray, but blends with the gray when it's growing out so there isn't such an obvious stripe down my part a couple of weeks after dying it. Thank you for making a wonderful product!"

"This is the best hair color product I have ever used! The color is great and lasts, my hair feels soft, and the smell is nice (no bad chemical odor). Plus the fact that it is environmentally conscious is very important."

Felicia H. GA:
"I found Ecocolors on Leaping Bunny years ago. I love the product."

Marsha B., Bloomfield NY:
"This hair color is great! Thank you for this product."

Linda C:
"Great hair color!! Easy to use at home to cover gray hair."

Nancy B., Lido Beach, NY:
"I hope you don't stop making the hair color. It makes my hair soft and shiny without nasty chemicals and parabens."

Laura N:
"I LOVE your hair coloring!!!!!
So gentle on my hair & doesn't wash out."

Kris J., APO, AE:
"Thank you so much for your prompt service. And I love your product, too! Regards, Kris."

Marie B., Virginia Beach, VA:
"I was searching for non toxic hair coloring and EcoColors is by far the best I found!"

Janet B., DRACUT, MA:
"It has done wonders for my scalp. Thank you so much. I no longer have itching and sores in my head."

Laura R:
"I thought i'd never color my hair again... now my hair feels great... and I had no allergic response to the color!"

Kim M., Black Hawk, CO:
"I found EcoColors while googling for natural hair colors. I love love love my hair! I use Reddish Brown and the color looks natural and shiny. But more than that, my hair feels terrific! Thank you for developing such a wonderful product - I recommend it to everyone!"

Cathy C, Ontario, Canada:
"Online search for PPD free hair color. Very pleased with the results of this hair dye. Good grey coverage as long as you follow instructions as given for stubborn greys. And no allergic reaction."

Linda B., Dublin, CA:
"This is my third order and fourth month as a redhead! l love it, and so does my husband."

Delia K., AB Canada.:
"Your product is wonderful! I have Celiac and am extremely sensitive to even trace gluten. I have used this twice with no adverse reactions whatsoever! It covers my grey completely and my hair is healthier and shines! Great product!"

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