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EcoColors Hair Color Reviews

Testimonials from our customers...

...Many of them with us for 2 decades!

Cheryl G., ON , Canada:
"Wonderful product. I just colored my hair with EcoColors for the first time tonight. No smell, or burning eyes or itchy, sore scalp and your product leaves hair manageable and very natural looking."

Bertha C, LA:
"I've been using EcoColors since I was referred to this product by a friend who had allergies similar to my own. I cannot remember the year I first ordered but it must be about 20 or so years ago. I have always been very pleased with my order."

Ann S, Highland MD:
"Internet Search - I love this product! My hair is no longer falling out by the handful!!"

Karen C., Louisville , KY:
"Had an excellent experience with using this hair color. Most hair color makes my hands swell and hurt, and makes my vision blurry. I am allergic to Formaldehyde. The color covered the grey well. I want to try the medium brown this time instead of the dark brown. Thanks for the excellent product!"

"This is great stuff!"

Robin G., Charlotte, NC:
"The best product I have ever used that actually covers my 100% gray hair. I am happy I found your site. Thank you EcoColors!"

Margaret D., VA:
"I found EcoColors online when looking for a product that did not have such harmful chemicals and in which the color would last longer in between coloring. I like the results much more than Naturtint which I had been using, and others previous to that. Thank you for your product - better for hair and the environment!"

Leslie, CA:
"I have been using your product for years now and still very happy with it."

Eleanor M.  ME:
"A friend recommended it. I’ve been using it for a few years and am very pleased with the results. People comment often how nice my hair color is. Thanks."

"I found u online. I had a bad reaction to nice and easy . My scalp was seeping and itching horribly. I thought it would never heal. One time with your shampoo and I got relief from the itching and it healed my scalp thank u so much for your product. It was your reviews from other people that convinced me to try it and at the point I was willing to try anything to relieve the itching. I absolutely love your product, I can't use anything else and frankly I'm afraid to. My hair used to break off in the same spot all the time forcing me to cut it. With ur product that's no more and my hair has grown three more inches without breaking .=) I really can't thank u enough u are a life saver when it comes to my hair. Shari"

Mrs & Mr De Maria, Carine, West Australia:
"Can you please tell me if your product is sold in Australia? My wife's used it while visiting Canada and thinks it is the best color she has ever used! Best Regards Mrs & Mr De Maria"

Mermaids Salon, MONTEREY, CA:
"I found it online and I love it."

"EcoColors always produce excellent results. I have allergies to many products and these have never caused a problem."

Shirley L., HAMILTON, IL:
"Very nice and easy to use."

Maryanne S.  Indianapolis IN:
"This color was so easy to apply. I am so happy with the results and it did not burn my scalp. My hair is soft and shiny. Thank you so much for a wonderful hair product."

Cathy G. Houston ,TX:
"I've used your product twice now (2 different colors) and am thrilled not to have an allergic reaction to. I really wasn't ready to be 50% gray at age 48. My ego thanks you."

Julie J.:
"I'm looking for a salon in the Salt Lake City, Utah area that has Eco Colors. My son works at a salon in Balitmore and used your product on my hair. It's fabulous! Now I'm spoiled. Please advise."

Melinda M., HOBE SOUND, FL:
"I found EcoColors when I was researching toxic hair color alternatives on the internet. I love the results I get from it. It actually looks more natural than the traditional color I was using. I tell everyone about it!"

Shirley W., Simsbury, CT.:
"I've been using Ecocolors haircoloring for about two years, and it continues to provide great color without allergy problems that I used to encounter with commercial brands."

Robin L, Joondalup, WA:
"After having tried other male hair coloring products like Just For Men and getting an allergic reaction I ordered Ecocolors Light Brown and did the patch test with no reaction, the color was too light for me though."

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