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EcoColors Hair Color Reviews

Testimonials from our customers...

...Many of them with us for 2 decades!

Denise L., Kingston, WA:
"Good coverage, no allergic reaction!!!"

Hope D., Brookfield, WI:
"Loved your product. I became allergic to my original product and had no problem with yours."

Robin G., Charlotte, NC:
"The best hair dye for those who have a 100% gray hair. Thank you!"

Leslie, CA:
"I have been using your product for years now and still very happy with it."

Nancy, M., Midland MI.:
"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your EcoColors hair color...With your product, there is no smell and the gray coverage is extraordinary. Your product is fantastic. Thanks so much for enabling those who color their hair at home and those concerned with earth friendly products to be able to receive them from you."

Pam G:
"It is a pleasure dealing with you. Your product is excellent and the service is great. Thank you."

Mary L.:
"I love Ecocolors!!! All other haircolors I tried made my scalp burn and itch. I love the color too!!! I would probably look much older if Ecocolors didn't exist because I'd probably have to go without haircolor and have alot of gray. Thank you!!!"

"Returning customer, originally found online through my own research. I LOVE this hair color. My hair looked and felt great. I could tell it was non toxic by how could barely smell it when applying. I'm impressed."

Gala M., Prudenville, MI:
"I love ecocolors because they look natural and are non-toxic . Thank you for making this fine product available to the consumer."

Suzanne M., Stone Ridge, VA:
"Love the products!"

"I loved your color and feel confident about continuing to color my own hair."

Diane B, Fox River Grove, IL.:
"I have found EcoColors covers my hard to cover gray and lasts just like the permanent hair color I was using. It is great knowing it is natural and safe to use!"

Darlene C. , Ottawa CANADA:
"I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful haircolor! I had SEVERE allergies to hairdyes and thought I would never be able to color my hair ever again. Your product works wonders!"

Andrea V, VA:
"I get a cough and nasal/sore throat symptoms from ethanolamine (ammonia-free) hair color so wanted to go back to ammonia hair dye product that has less side effects."

Robin G., Charlotte, NC:
"The best product I have ever used that actually covers my 100% gray hair. I am happy I found your site. Thank you EcoColors!"

"I was looking for natural hair dye on the internet and found you several years ago. I love your product. My hair is healthier and thicker than before I was using your dye. When I get my hair cut, my hairdresser always comments on how shiny and healthy my hair is and I always tell them why."

JoAnn O., Schenectady, NY:
"I just LOVE EcoColors.."

Melinda M., HOBE SOUND, FL:
"I found EcoColors when I was researching toxic hair color alternatives on the internet. I love the results I get from it. It actually looks more natural than the traditional color I was using. I tell everyone about it!"

Kim M., Black Hawk, CO:
"I found EcoColors while googling for natural hair colors. I love love love my hair! I use Reddish Brown and the color looks natural and shiny. But more than that, my hair feels terrific! Thank you for developing such a wonderful product - I recommend it to everyone!"

Judy L., Santa Barbara CA:
"Have visited a local salon that uses your products. Love them!!"

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