EcoColors Non Toxic Hair Color FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsEcoColors Non Toxic Hair Color FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Lift refers to the lightening of the color of the hair.
EcoColors Haircolor was formulated with non toxic in mind. It is natural soy based with the addition of the highest quality ingredients such as lecithin, vitamin E, Vitamin C, nettles, rosemary, flower essence and grapefruit seed extract, EcoColors contains no ppd, gluten, sulfites, resorcinol, ethanolamines, paraben or propylene glycol. EcoColors surpasses it’s competitors in performance with super conditioning coverage that is natural looking and shiny.
Check our comparison chart. If you are unsure what color to use, send us a stamped envelope and a sample of your hair ,tell us which color you want us to apply , and we will send you the colored sample for free. Make sure you include a stamped return envelope.Mail the hair sample to: Ecocolors Salon c/o Swatch Dept 1860 N Rock Springs Rd #101 Atlanta GA 30324
EcoColors does not perform animal testing.
Many people who are allergic to other brands do not react to EcoColors Hair Color BUT we strongly recommend that you always do an allergy patch test before using any hair color. EcoColors is almost, but not 100% botanical, and is not a "cure-all" for all allergies. The patch test instructions are included.
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Don't be fooled by ammonia free hair colors or so called organic hair colors, The ammonia substitute used is odorless and may cause respiratory issues or hair loss. (as you cannot smell it, it is insidiously harming you) EcoColors Labs did extensive research on ingredients to try to come up with the best possible formula and we did! ;).
We do not use ethanolamines as we found them to possibly cause challenges. (they may create formaldehyde by-products) and are also damaging to the hair. A recent scientific study published in the January 2014 Issue of Cosmetic Science Review indicates that Monoethanolamine (the "ammonia substitute" in non ammonia permanent hair colors) is 85% MORE DAMAGING than ammonia. The study was measured by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) on the cysteic acid level measurement with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) photomicrographs to visualize cuticle damage, and protein loss. This confirmed oxidative damage, but also the damage caused by other damage pathways caused by varying levels of Monoethanolamines in hair colorants.
No. EcoColors does not use sulfites as a preservative. Some other haircolor companies do use it. Many people are allergic to this ingredient.
No. The price you are quoted is the price to ship the weight of your order.
Click on "What is EcoColors". Then, click on "Ingredients"
Please, perform a patch test according to the instructions before each application of EcoColors hair colorant.
Allergy and Strand Test: ALWAYS do a strand test (to determine the proper processing time for gray coverage, best proportions to mix, as well as to make sure it is the desired shade) and an allergy test before applying any new color to the entire head. Allergies aren't to be taken lightly. Some allergies may develop over time after repeated exposure. Allergies can even build over a week after coloring. Just because EcoColors is p phenylenediamine (ppd) free, doesn't mean you won't react. There are other oxidative dyes present in nontoxic amounts that some individuals may be allergic to. Make sure you have a medical plan in place with your physician in case you experience any kind of allergic symptom.
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Yes you can use your own developers with EcoColors haircolor.
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PPD is an abbreviation for p-phenylenediamine.
EcoColors is a PPD free hair dye. We do not have this ingredient even in trace amounts..There are other oxidative dyes present that could cross react with a PPD allergy so it is Important to have a medical plan in place with your physician in case you have an immediate or a delayed allergic reaction to another ingredient .
It's EcoColors! Look no further, you found it. Since 1998 we have catered our fine line of hair colors to the most creative hair stylists around the world. When you use EcoColors hair colors you are truly making a difference in your long term health and the health of your customers. We really care about giving you the absolute best and safest permanent hair color since 1998.
Absolutely not.
There are rumors circulating online to lead you to believe that mixing hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide causes carcinogenic chemicals to form (that were not present in each ingredient alone). Well, It is simply not true. It's just a scare tactic to manipulate you in believing that no ammonia colors are safer or better for you. They are not! Don't fall for their marketing gimmicks, in fact it is the opposite, when you mix ammonia substitutes such as ethanolamie there is the production of a dangerous formaldehyde residue!! Buyer beware.
EcocColors hair color does not contain this ingredient (mea, eta, dea).
No, you do not need it, everything is provided in the hair color kit, the hair color and the developer.
So you may ask why are we selling it on our home kit page? Well, some of our customers asked us to make it available for purchase, so we did. :)
All shades of EcoColors Hair dyes are PPD free and do not contain any amount of ppd at all.There are other oxidative dyes present that could cross react with a PPD allergy so it is Important to have a medical plan in place with your physician in case you have an immediate or a delayed allergic reaction to another ingredient .
The quick answers is... sometimes.
It depends on several factors;
- Desired end-result.
- Brand of henna previously used.
- How many applications of henna were previously used.
- The hardness of your water, hard or soft water also plays a role in the effectiveness as well/
Also the texture and porosity of your hair.

The only way to know if EcoColors hair color will assist you in achieving your desired end-result is by doing a test strand.
A failure to do a test strand may end up in an undesired end-result.

Also, If you do a test strand and do not achieve the desired results, we are happy to assist you in reformulating.
EcoColors Hair color does contain many botanical ingredients, but it is not a totally botanical hair color. In order for any hair color to be permanent, oxidative dyes must be present. As far as we know, there is not a permanent hair color on the market that is totally botanical. EcoColors Haircolor has been created with non-toxic in mind but it is not a "cure all" for all allergies and just because it has many natural and organic ingredients, it does not mean it is hypoallergenic. One thing for sure is there is no "organic hair color" that is permanent, don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks!
Yes, in order for an oxidative hair color to work, you must have a method of getting the oxidative dye pigments into the hair shaft. (Peroxide is non toxic and breaks down into water by losing an oxygen atom)

• Is peroxide and ammonia bad when mixed together?
Hydrogen Peroxide is not toxic therefore is is NOT bad.
The peroxide in EcoColors Home kit is a 20 volume developer buffered with flax and castor oils. This means the peroxide is only strong enough to lighten the hair 1-2 levels and it is the best formulation for gray coverage.

• Is peroxide and ammonia bad when mixed together?
We use diluted Aqua Ammonia in very small amounts (which is non toxic). The ammonia helps open the hair shaft to allow the pigments to enter into the hair shaft. This Ammonia is necessary if you want lift and gray coverage. This amount of ammonia is not toxic to the body or the environment.

Some other hair color companies don't use ammonia, but monoethanolamine, ethanolamine or tri-ethanolamine instead. Why doesn't EcoColors contain these ingredients?. Click here to learn why.

• Is peroxide and ammonia bad when mixed together?
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Simply add a little bit of Black, until you get the desired darkness..
The 'Ash' in Ecocolors' hair dye is actually a violet additive that counteracts any unwanted red tones. If you WANT red tones, stick with medium brown or dark brown. If you do NOT want red tones encouraged in the coloring process (The red tones are naturally occurring in some people's hair.) then choose either medium ash brown or dark ash brown.