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Level and Tone System

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Goldwell Topchic Herbatint Colorly Framesi


Black Pro 1N   M2 1N 51D 1AB 1-N 1N C1N 1N 1C 2
Black 2N Perugia Black 2NAA M3 2N 50D 2N 2-N 2N C2N 2N 2C 3
Dark Brown 5N Milano Brown 5NAC M4 3N 48D 5N 3-N 5N C3N 5N 3N 4
Medium Brown 6N Tuscany Brown 6NGV M6 5N 46D 6N 5-N 6N C5N 6N 5N 6
Light Brown 8N Veneto Light Brown 7NVA M9 8N 92DN 8N 8-N 8N C8N 8N 8N 9
Dark Ash Brown 4C † Messina Brown 4NA M5.1 4B 5C 4C 4A A-5
Medium Ash Brown 5C † Modena Brown 5.5 NNN M6.1 5V 36D 5-A 6C C5C 6C 5A A-6
Ash Blonde 7C   M8.1 42D 7AV 7-A 7C C7C 7C 7A A-8
Medium Ash Blonde 8C Granara Blonde 8AV M9.1 8B 28D 8AV 8-A 8C C8C 8C 8A A-9
Light Ash Blonde 9C Pisa Blonde 9NA M9½.1 30D 9AV 9-A 10C C9C 9C 9A
Warm Golden Blonde 8G Sicicly Blonde 8NGV M9.3 8G 27G 8GG 7D C8D 8D
Light Golden Blonde 9G   24D 9GG 9-G 8D C9D 9D 9G WG-9
Pearl Platinum High Lift 10V   900X 12N 10AB 11-P 10N CSSA SSA 12N ULN
Champagne Beige High Lift 10RV   902 12V 10RB 11-B CSSB SSB ULB
Silver Blonde High Lift 10BG   901 12B 10AG 11-A CSSC SSC 12A ULA
Blonde Platinum High Lift 10G   903 12G 10GO 10DR CSSD SSD 11G
Dark Blonde 8V Ravello Blonde 8NGC 7V 40D 8AB 7-GB 7N C7B 8V B-8
Neutral Golden Blonde 8B Bologna Blonde 8NVA 8V 26D 8GB 8-GB 6D C8B 8B
Warm Auburn 6RO Vesuvius Red 7NCR M7.4 6RO 44R 6R 6-R 7M C6R 6R RR-7
Light Auburn 8RO Savona Scarlet 6RR 8RO 7VR 7-KG 8R C7R 7R RR-8
Reddish Blonde 9R   10RO 9OR 9-KG 9DR C9R 9R
Reddish Brown 8OR Sardinia Red 6NCG M7.43 43R 6CR 5R C8T 6NRV 6RG RB-6
Bright Red 6RV Savona Scarlet 6RR M6.6 47R 6VR 4-R Red C7MP 5RV 5RV RR-5
Eggplant 6P   8 Pink V
C7MB 7 Pink
Light Drabber Muddy VIOLET Ash V Gray V
Dark Drabber Muddy PURPLE V Ash Gray P
† Color only available in EcoColors Home Hair Color Kits
*These comparisons are guidelines ONLY.
The color value will depend on the natural level of the hair, condition of the hair and the amount and resistance of gray.
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