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Hair Color Brands And Hair Color Shade Comparison Chart

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Madison Reed

Goldwell Topchic Herbatint Colorly Framesi


Black Pro 1N
  M2 1N 51D 1AB 1-N 1N C1N 1N 1C 2
Black 2N
Perugia Black 2NAA M3 2N 50D 2N 2-N 2N C2N 2N 2C 3
Dark Brown 5N
Milano Brown 5NAC M4 3N 48D 5N 3-N 5N C3N 5N 3N 4
Medium Brown 6N
Tuscany Brown 6NGV M6 5N 46D 6N 5-N 6N C5N 6N 5N 6
Light Brown 8N
Veneto Light Brown 7NVA M9 8N 92DN 8N 8-N 8N C8N 8N 8N 9
Dark Ash Brown 4C †
Messina Brown 4NA M5.1 4B 5C 4C 4A A-5
Medium Ash Brown 5C †
Modena Brown 5.5 NNN M6.1 5V 36D 5-A 6C C5C 6C 5A A-6
Ash Blonde 7C
  M8.1 42D 7AV 7-A 7C C7C 7C 7A A-8
Medium Ash Blonde 8C
Granara Blonde 8AV M9.1 8B 28D 8AV 8-A 8C C8C 8C 8A A-9
Light Ash Blonde 9C
Pisa Blonde 9NA M9½.1 30D 9AV 9-A 10C C9C 9C 9A
Warm Golden Blonde 8G
Sicicly Blonde 8NGV M9.3 8G 27G 8GG 7D C8D 8D
Light Golden Blonde 9G
  24D 9GG 9-G 8D C9D 9D 9G WG-9
Pearl Platinum High Lift 10V
  900X 12N 10AB 11-P 10N CSSA SSA 12N ULN
Champagne Beige High Lift 10RV
  902 12V 10RB 11-B CSSB SSB ULB
Silver Blonde High Lift 10BG
  901 12B 10AG 11-A CSSC SSC 12A ULA
Blonde Platinum High Lift 10G
  903 12G 10GO 10DR CSSD SSD 11G
Dark Blonde 8V
Ravello Blonde 8NGC 7V 40D 8AB 7-GB 7N C7B 8V B-8
Neutral Golden Blonde 8B
Bologna Blonde 8NVA 8V 26D 8GB 8-GB 6D C8B 8B
Warm Auburn 6RO
Vesuvius Red 7NCR M7.4 6RO 44R 6R 6-R 7M C6R 6R RR-7
Light Auburn 8RO
Savona Scarlet 6RR 8RO 7VR 7-KG 8R C7R 7R RR-8
Reddish Blonde 9R
  10RO 9OR 9-KG 9DR C9R 9R
Reddish Brown 8OR
Sardinia Red 6NCG M7.43 43R 6CR 5R C8T 6NRV 6RG RB-6
Bright Red 6RV
Savona Scarlet 6RR M6.6 47R 6VR 4-R Red C7MP 5RV 5RV RR-5
Eggplant 6P
  8 Pink V
C7MB 7 Pink
Light Drabber Muddy VIOLET
  Ash V Gray V
Dark Drabber Muddy PURPLE
  V Ash Gray P
EcoColors Home Haircolor Kits Color Shades.
† Color only available in Home Haircolor Kits.
*These comparisons are guidelines ONLY.
The color value will depend on the natural level of the hair, condition of the hair and the amount and resistance of gray.
°Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them and are listed for informational and educational purposes only.
Gluten free
PPD free
Sulfite free
No propylene glycol
No paraben
No ethanolamine
No heavy metals
No animal testing
Cruelty free
No formaldehyde

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