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Please HELP!
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Please HELP!

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Mon, Apr 01, 2002
12:28 PM

A year and a half ago I went to a professional salon to have an all over permanent hair colour service. 2 days after I devleoped a severe reaction.. ie: head and face swelled terribly and I had weeping sores in my head- Needless to say I had to go to the ER at the hosp and the doctor diagnosed me with a chemical burn as a result of my apparent allergy to the hair colour. I was given a steroid shot and after a week of itching and then dealing with the numerous 'scabs' in my head from the healing 'sores'.. I returned to normal.. Needless to say, I am scared to death to do an all over hair color and despartely want to as I am 33 yrs old and almost 70% GREY! My stylist is able however to use Color Graphix (of course that is pulled thru a cap) but, the results are LIGHT and I want to achieve a lt. brown COMPLETE coverage.. Unfortunately pulling hair thru a cap only gives minimal coverage.. Another informant claims that it is not the ammonia or peroxide in the hair colour that I'm allergic to but actually the colour molecules themselves. She claims that if infact this is the case that I may get to the point that I would have to stay away from "ALL" colour services. I would be grateful if anyone can give me any further insight and or suggestions.. Sincerely, Linda   

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