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RE: 1st time home coloring.....
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1136 Subject: RE: 1st time home coloring..... Posted by:
Thu, Jul 28, 2011
09:59 AM

EcoColors is a permanent oxidative haircolor formulated with nontoxic in mind. EcoColors is not 100 % botanical but we do use Organic ingredients whenever possible.To use EcoColors, you mix the color into the developer bottle, and apply the color mixture to the grays first. For the first time application(if your hair has never been colored before), you can apply the color mixture all over. Then, between 4 and 6 weeks later, you will only want to reapply a new EcoColors color developer mixture to your roots only. Once you mix color and developer, you must use the mixture immediately. If you are wanting to repigmentize previously colored ends, you would mix color with developer, apply to roots only, and then take that color/developer mixture in the bottle and dilute it by half with water. You would apply this diluted color mixture to the previously colored ends only during the last 5 minutes of processing time. Normal gray coverage takes between 30-45 minutes. (Remember you apply a DILUTED formula to previously colored ends, or to ends that are fragile and porous) With any new color formulation we ALWAYS recommend you do an allergy test and a strand test according to the kit directions before applying any new color to your entire head. When doing a strand test you can mix a drop of color and a drop of developer in a ceramic bowl and apply to a test area with a q tip. Be sure to let this process 30-45 minutes to determine the best processing time for your unique and individual hair qualities. To help determine which color you should choose please click on "contact us" and fill out the inquiry form.

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