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Allergy test and "Swatch " Results

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Thu, Feb 12, 2015
01:59 PM

Allergy test ongoing. No reaction yet. I tested an area of sensitive skin on front of my shoulder, above and not under my arm pit, and an area on my bicep.    The bicep area was chosen as a test of how much the hair dye dies the skin. After thirty minutes I washed it off and found the color ( 5N ) barely stained my skin (if at all). I am quite pleased with those results.    My "dyeing" test was done on "beard" hair, some were medium brown, others were pure white. I immersed the hair sample in the dye developer mixture for 20 minutes (note extra short time period). Then rinsed with "castille" soap (very mild soap, non-detergent), and strained carefully through coffee filter (very short pieces 1/4" length), washed and rinsed again.    QUITE PLEASED with the results. The white hair dyed roughly medium brown, the brown hair did not get noticeably darker. The utensils I used in the process cleaned up completely without stain.    Did test with "popsicle stick" to get a rough idea of permanence. It stained medium brown, could not be washed out, and did not fade.    QUITE HAPPY and HOPEFUL at the moment.    Will post as this progresses

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