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RE: Color Gray

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Thu, Jun 25, 2015
11:12 AM

Fadage can occur for several reasons; including but not limited to: - Shampoo & Conditioner which contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Chamomile, Tea Tree, and/or Alkaline PH. - Hair can become resistant due to medications depositing in the hair shaft. - Sun, styling tools, or other chemicals creating porosity. - Porous or over-processed hair. - Hormonal changes. - Minerals in the water. - Improper application. -Lack of processing time    How did you apply it? How long did you process for?    You may need to adjust application or color to add more pigment depending on percentage of gray. Please fill out the color consultation form on the "Contact EcoColors" page for more assistance. In the comments, add how you applied and time you left it on for.

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