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OMG! It's for real!!

Posted by:
Wed, Sep 30, 2015
07:57 PM

LADIES, LADIES, LADIES!! I'll be very honest I've never posted a comment about a product until today!! I have a severe allergy to PPD I've seen many dermatologists regarding my allergy with zero solution. I have ended up in the E.R with severe burning, swollen lymph nodes, and open sores on my scalp not to mention the unbearable itching up to 72hrs after having my hair colored. I'm a dark brown color. I found EcoColors after research online. I finally had it done today! I'm so happy to say zero irritation and zero itching!!! I went with the dark brown and it's very similar to my natural color! I highly recommend getting a patch test done just to be safe. After 3yrs of not coloring my hair and finally being rid of my grays I'm absolutely amazed! Thank you EcoColors for making me feel beautiful again!!

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Gluten free
PPD free
Sulfite free
No propylene glycol
No paraben
No ethanolamine
No heavy metals
No animal testing
Cruelty free
No formaldehyde

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