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Try using Light Brown just in the hot spot.
Here are mixing instructions below.
How to apply to new growth: Mix equal parts color to developer and saturate this full strength mixture to roots only in a puddle of color. Processing time varies 30-45 minutes depending on resistance of gray. Strand test to determine proper processing time for your gray. For resistant gray, leave the color mixture on the grays for 45 minutes with plastic cap and heat for the first 5 minutes with a blow dryer.

How to color previously colored ends: ALWAYS apply a diluted formula on previously colored ends. Take the remaining full strength (equal parts color to developer) mixture, dilute it by half with distilled water, apply to your previously colored ends, and process for the last 5-10 minutes of your processing time. If your ends are porous, you always apply in a diluted formula to the ends.

Root touch-up or saving color for future applications: Whatever color you do not mix with developer may be saved for the following month's application or stored for up to a year. Once you mix color and developer, you must use it immediately.

Ingredients to avoid in shampoos: SLS, Alkaline PH, Camomile, and Tea Tree which can cause fadage.

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