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Trying to move away from harsh dyes - So Many Questions
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284 Subject: Trying to move away from harsh dyes - So Many Questions Posted by:
Wed, Aug 11, 2004
10:13 AM

Hello, I've been researching the best and easiest ways for me to make the switch away from harsh chemical dyes. I've been dying my hair black for almost ten years. I stopped about 3 months ago and have about 2 inches of white/gray and brown roots. I'd like to use all natural henna, BUT with my hair color situation I'll have bright red roots over my gray and mostly no color change over my remaining black. I'd like to strip and bleach what I can of this remaining black and use EcoColors to produce an auburn/brownish red and then switch to henna after a few months, when things are more uniform and primed for henna takeover. I'm wondering if this seems like a good approach for me. (I've never bleached or stripped before.) Is the home kit appropriate or should I find a salon to do it with your professional colors? (are both of your lines equally non-toxic?) Is it okay to EcoColor over bleached/stripped hair? What is, if any, the reaction with will it be okay to use the henna if I wait a few months? And any other advice or ideas would be much appreciated! Thank you in advacne for all your help!

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