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RE: which color to use?
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368 Subject: RE: which color to use? Posted by:
Wed, May 18, 2005
01:44 PM

Thank you for your interest in Ecocolors Haircolor. My suggestion for a close match would be mixing equal parts light brown with medium ash blonde.Drop one drop of light brown and one drop of medium ash blonde onto a ceramic bowl. Add two drops of developer. Mix with a q tip and do your allergy patch test as well as a strand test. Let the color on the strand test process 30 minutes. then shampoo, rinse and dry. If the end result is satisfactory and you do not have an allergis reaction(be sure to read the detailed instructions that come with the kit), then do the following: Pour half of the light brown color bottle into a developer bottle and half of a medium ash blonde color into the same developer bottle. Shake and apply full strength to new growth. Let that process 20 minutes. Then whatever color mixture you have left in the developer bottle may be diluted by half with water to apply to the prevously colored ends. ~The half full color bottles and the other nonused developer bottle may be safely stored for the next month. Once you mix the color and the developer you must use it immediately though. Remember, as long as you do not mix color with developer you may store the unused portions for up to one year.

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