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Your 100% botanical vs. henna?
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372 Subject: Your 100% botanical vs. henna? Posted by:
Fri, Jun 24, 2005
12:51 PM

I've been using henna on my hair for decades, it manages to cover my gray (which is substantial, but I'm not sure the percentage) and is permanent on me. It's also a pain to use. I'd love to be able to use regular hair color, something that would just rinse out without taking most of my hair with it, but I have MCS and therefore even yours are too scary. This, of course, also doesn't leave me with many color options (non-red "henna" after all can be more toxic than commercial colors).    So, I'm wondering how your red (seeing that's my only choice either way) 100% botanical formular compares in convience and in how long it lasts. I understand tht it's a power too, but does it dissolve and then rinse easier at all? How well does it work on gray (I know that I am supposed to have too much gray for henna to cover, but it still does) and how long does it last. I'd actually not mind finding something that wouldn't be so permanent (and, again, I know henna isn't supposed to be, but it is, I have stopped henna for up to three years and still had the color on the ends) so that I might be able to go back to my natural color but I don't want to spend more time with the ends and the top different colors (I was sick when I let it grow, so I didn't really care then, now I'm out and about and really don't want to be that obvious).   thank you

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