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what color to use

Posted by:
Tue, Aug 30, 2005
01:34 PM

I am naturally a med/dark brunette with warm tones. Lately I have noticed white hairs, not grey, coming in behind my ears. My mother is completely white-headed and although beautiful on her, I am not ready for that look just yet. I love my natural color (mentioned above) and am really only interested in covering the white. I have read that some people will use a lighter color to cover their gray/white hair in order for them to just blend in and look somewhat like hi-lights, which I don't mind. Would you suggest maybe using the light brown shade or do you think something else might work better? Is it better to go with say the medium brown, or would it look too flat and have no dimension? I know that hi-lights give hair more dimension. I just don't want it to look so 'one color', but I also don't want to run the risk of lightening my entire natural shade by using the light brown to cover the white. Thanks in advance.

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