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RE: mercury & other heavy metals?

Posted by:
Fri, Sep 02, 2005
05:08 AM

Thank you for bringing up this question. A full ingredient listing is located at click on Professional Haircolor. Click on ingredients. We are unaware of any metals present in Ecocolors Haircolor. however, we are bombarded with metals in other ways, as well as other pollutants The evironmental working group says"Metals  Lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium  Cause lowered IQ, developmental delays, behavioral disorders and cancer at doses found in the environment. For lead, most exposures are from lead paint. For mercury, most exposures are from canned tuna. For arsenic, most exposures are from arsenic (CCA) treated lumber and contaminated drinking water. For cadmium, sources of exposure include pigments and bakeware." You can read more about toxins in cosmetics and pollutants affecting our bodies (from our environment) at

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