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Urban Legends About Ingredients
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475 Subject: Urban Legends About Ingredients Posted by:
Thu, May 11, 2006
12:00 PM

Urban Legends About Ingredients    Over the years we have received some hostile inquiries from people who   insist that if an ingredient is present in EcoColors it must be toxic. I am   here to set the record straight. First I must stress that Ecocolors Inc. does not and will never do animal   testing, nor do we endorse animal testing. In the past many studies on   cosmetics were done on animals and we hope in the future this trend will   change to more humane ways of testing with computer models never involving a   living being. EcoColors Haircolor is a permanent oxidative haircolor without ppd. This means it is not   100% botanical, as the permanent haircolor is created by a chemical reaction   . The oxidative dyes present are in small amounts. For example, the public   grapevine may hear that if a product contains PPD it is carcinogenic. This   is not true. PPD or p-phenylinediamine is a cosmetic dye intermediate and   the degree of toxicity is based on the concentration used. When this is   coupled with penetration enhancers , a formulation with a large percentage   of this ingredient would indeed be toxic. In several studies, concentrations   with less than 4% of PPD in a formulation were not toxic in any way.   However, PPD is considered a skin sensitizer , which means that over a period of   time some people may develop an allergy to it. Interesting fact though, many   people allergic to other haircolors are not allergic to Ecocolors. Is it the   PPD concentration or other colors using PPD with penetration enhancers? It   is hard to say given the fact that there are so many haircolors on the   market, but we have seen a trend of allergic responses in specific brands.   Ecocolors is NOT a cure all for all allergies and just because you are not   allergic one time does not mean you will not develop an allergy to any   ingredient in the formulation over time. Do not get haircolor in your eyes   because large concentrations of PPD may cause blindness. In the" alternative health world", allergies are often linked to liver   toxicity. Under the care of a certified naturopathic doctor you may be able   to improve your health and decrease your allergic responses. This involves   dietary changes with herbal remedies or nutritional supplementation.    Every ingredient in EcoColors Haircolor has been tested for oral,   intradermal and cutaneous levels of toxicity. EcoColors is proud to say that   EVERY ingredient is in nontoxic concentrations, yet the color gives   sufficient gray coverage and leaves the hair in good condition. Proper   application is key to keeping your hair healthy. Applying the color full   strength to the new growth and then diluting the remaining mix by half with   water to apply to the previously colored ends is important in maintaining   healthy hair. Using Shampoos that have the proper PH and ingredients is also   important. Some shampoos may be too detergent for colored hair or may even   contribute to color fadage. Check with your stylist for a safe shampoo, or   consult to see a list of ingredients or products that may be toxic. This is a great   source of information, but the problem with the site is that the cosmetic   companies are not revealing their concentrations of ingredients, so a   blanket statement saying "If it contains PPD it causes cancer" is just not   true. It is helpful to know which ingredients have the possibility of   causing illness but to reiterate the truth, the CONCENTRATION of an   ingredient determines if it is toxic or not. All of this to tell you that EcoColors hair color is PPD FREE.

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