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Hair Loss
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713 Subject: Hair Loss Posted by:
Sat, Mar 15, 2008
09:38 AM

I've been using L'Oreal for decades but recently, noticed extreme scalp itching after using it. Plus I am seeing excessive hair loss. Though it has been six weeks since I last retouched my roots with L'Oreal Preference, the hairs that are falling out don't have any new root growth. It appears, therefore, that the L'Oreal killed a lot of my hairinstantly with the last touch-up, and those dead hairs continue to fall out at an alarming rate daily.    On my remaining blonde hair that isn't falling out, I do see new root growth, thank God, of my natural medium brown color. And I see what appear to be short inch long new hairs replacing what I lost from the L'Oreal product.    My question is, is there an Eco color which will allow me to keep dyeing my hair blond from brown? I can send a picture which shows very well the color I'm trying to achieve if you can send me an email address.    Or am I stuck dyeing it brown to match my healthy roots.    Thanks!

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