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Info on eco
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848 Subject: Info on eco Posted by:
Fri, Jan 23, 2009
11:12 PM

I have been reading over your product and I am highly interested. After 20 years of coloring my hair with chemically enhanced hair dyes, I have become allergic, it started after using the Black dye, In which is the one I wish to stay with. My head oozed as well as my ears, My face swelled, and there was a extremely painful rash all over my body. My question are How much ppd is in your black color? and Have there been any reaction known to your product? I do intend to order the patch test as I can't afford another horrible reaction, but I am curious, I'm not yet willing to give up and go back to my natural color with the ever growing grays and l am looking for all alternatives I can find besides a Demi-permant. Thank You.

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