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RE: Ingredients?
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Thu, Feb 05, 2009
06:57 AM

Q) Some other hair color companies don't use ammonia, but monoethanolamine or ethanolamine instead. Why doesn't EcoColors contain these ingredients? A) Don't be fooled by ammonia free hair colors. They usually contain these dangerous odorless chemicals! EcoColors Labs did extensive research on ingredients to try to come up with the best possible hair color (and we did!).We do not use ethanolamines as we found them very toxic and damaging to the hair. Plus the fact that it has no odor, makes it insidiously hard to detect. Here is a link to a Material Safety Data Sheet on this ingredient: Another informative site is:    Q) Why ammonia in your hair color? A) Ammonia is used in very small amounts. The ammonia helps open the hair shaft to allow the pigments to enter into the hair shaft. Ammonia is necessary if you want lift and gray coverage. This amount of ammonia is not toxic to the body. According to the Center For Disease Control;Ammonia is a corrosive substance and the main toxic effects are restricted to the sites of direct contact with ammonia (i.e., skin, eyes, respiratory tract, mouth, and digestive tract). For example, if you spilled a bottle of concentrated ammonia on the floor, you would smell a strong ammonia odor; you might cough, and your eyes might water because of irritation. If you were exposed to very high levels of ammonia, you would experience more harmful effects. For example, if you walked into a dense cloud of ammonia or if your skin comes in contact with concentrated ammonia, your skin, eyes, throat, or lungs may be severely burned. These burns might be serious enough to cause permanent blindness, lung disease, or death. Likewise, if you accidentally ate or drank concentrated ammonia, you might experience burns in your mouth, throat, and stomach. There is no evidence that ammonia causes cancer. Ammonia has not been classified for carcinogenic effects by EPA, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), or the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Ammonia can also have beneficial effects, such as when it is used as a smelling salt. Certain ammonium salts have long been used in veterinary and human medicine.    Ammonia essential to life document

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