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EcoColors Professional Non Toxic Hair Color

EcoColors Non Toxic Salon Professional Hair Color For Permanent Grey Coverage

EcoColors Professional Non Toxic Hair Color is superior to other natural hair colorants for many reasons.
Not only it is a p-phenylenediamine free hair dye (0% ppd) but it is also free of gluten, paraben, sulfite, propylene glycol, MEA, SLS, heavy metal or formaldehyde.
Working with EcoColors Professional hair dyes makes your hair salon a safer place to work; you owe it to yourself, your staff and of course your beloved clientele!

EcoColors hair coloring line contains an emollient soy base enriched with natural and organic ingredients such as jojoba, flax and castor oils, grapefruit seed extracts and lavender, as well as vitamins.

Available in twenty four mixable shades, EcoColors Professional line will spark your coloring ideas! There is not limit to what you can do without having to carry dozens of different hair color tubes.

Our extremely conditioning, long lasting professional hair color has been used all around the world since 1998 on individuals who have been allergic to other brands. These allergies range from itchy scalp to hair loss. Some of us were forced to quit coloring hair because of it. (rashes, asthma, etc..)

EcoColors works well for many who are allergic to other brands. EcoColors Hair color is recommended by Dr. Mercola (in his best seller "Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program") as well as other various dermatologists.

Since 1998, EcoColors Non Toxic Permanent Hair color consistently surpasses its competitors in performance and quality, with professional gray coverage that adds shine and luster to the hair.

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- Ingredients: Professional Hair Color
, Shampoo, Conditioner

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Gluten free
PPD free
Sulfite free
No propylene glycol
No paraben
No ethanolamine
No heavy metals
No animal testing
Cruelty free
No formaldehyde

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