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Permanent Nontoxic Hair Color Line

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Gentle and non-toxic permanent hair colors for salon professionals

EcoColors Non-toxic Professional Permanent Hair Colors
are superior to other hair dyes for many reasons; the emollient soy base and the essential oils of flax and castor make this shine enhancing base stand out from the rest. At EcoColors we provide a non allergic hair color alternative for most people.
Our super conditioning, long-lasting color has been used since 1998 on individuals who have been allergic to other brands. These allergies range from itchy scalp to hair loss some of us were faced to quit coloring because of it. EcoColors works well for many who are allergic or chemically sensitive to other brands. EcoColors Hair color is recommended by Dr. Mercola in his book "Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program" as a safe alternative hair colorant.

Available in twenty four mixable shades, EcoColors Professional line will spark your hair coloring ideas! There is not limit to what you can do without having to carry dozens of different hair color tubes.

Since we started in 1998, we became experts at formulating premium quality non-toxic permanent hair dyes.
Our extremely conditioning, long lasting professional hair color has been used all around the world on individuals who have been allergic to other brands. These allergies range from itchy scalp to hair loss. Some stylist were forced to quit coloring because of it until they found this product.

EcoColors consistently surpasses its competitors in performance with nontoxic natural looking colors that permanently blends the gray away while adding shine and luster to the hair.

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