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Basic Hair Color Theory Manual


Most hair colors are defined by the lift/deposit ratio. This is commonly known as the level system.
Level One means black and Level Ten means the absence of all pigments as the lightest blonde.
Gray hair is also the absence of Melanin.
There could be as much as two levels of color difference between two different manufacturer's hair colors of the same hair color. We suggest the only way to know these colors is to experiment on swatches. The next time you give someone a big haircut, save some hair and use it to learn what EcoColors Hair Color can do for you.
When you lift hair with permanent hair color, you also deposit. The more you lift with a hair color, the less you deposit pigment on gray hair. The more you deposit with a hair color, the less you lift. For example, a black hair color (Level One) would have the greatest amount of deposit and the least amount of lift. Silver Blonde (Level Ten) would have the least amount of deposit and the most amount of lift.

EcoColors hair color provides up to 4 levels of lift.



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