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Use for beards...

Hi EcoColors people!

First, thank you SO MUCH for making such a great product! I wanted to put an idea out there and see what you think ... I've been buying your product for several years now, and the reason I buy it is to dye my beard. I developed a severe allergy to the chemicals in JustForMen, to the point that my whole face would come up in hives and start peeling. Now, EcoColor works great for my beard (it started coming in white very early, and looks odd because it doesn't match the hair on my head, so i color it). What I do is measure small equal amounts of the color and developer out into a small tray, and just brush it on. It works great!

But, even though I quickly recap the two bottles, it loses some of its effectiveness on subsequent times (i get about 4 uses out of each box). What would really make it amazing, is if it came in smaller, sealed containers (say, 4 color and 4 developer) so I could open one at a time and have the rest remain closed so it doesn't start to oxidize. I also remember reading that you don't recommend using it for facial hair, but I can't see why, it works terrific, and while there's a little smell of ammonia, it's not even as bad as breathing in the fumes from JustForMen, actually, so I think you might be able to open up a new market for it!

Anyway, just a thought, take it or leave it, I still appreciate your product a lot! Take care!


Posted by: SteveS300

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