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sensitive scalp

I have battled alopecia off and of for the last 15 years. I was doing pretty good for the last two years but recently noticed that my scalp is a bright red at times and there are several small areas of baldness. I do not want to take drugs this time around. I am looking for a chemical free haircolor. Currently my hairdresser is using a product by Enamels. (When I have my hair colored I do not experience any burning or itching.). The color we use is 8BG & 8N with 20 volume developer. What EcoColor would you suggest? What other hair products could you suggest for sensitive skin? My hairdresser is a little nervous about having me as a client, feeling the pressure of responsibility for any hair loss. Would she be able to call your salon with any questions? Are there any natural hair salons currently using your product in the Milwaukee WI area? Thank you for your help.

Posted by: judy

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