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At-Home Natural Hair Color Kits

Non-toxic, permanent,
made with natural and organic ingredients

EcoColors Natural Hair Color Kit
Everything you need to color your hair at home is already included in the kit as well as patch test instructions.
4oz EcoColors Permanent Non Toxic at-Home Hair Coloring Kit: $29.95 each.
The best home hair color for gray coverage!

The best at-home hair color for gray coverage, without the chemicals that make us sick!

Easily apply color to cover gray, root touch-up, balayage, add highlights or simply enhance or go back to your natural color with shine, luster, and extra body with premium hair colors from the comfort of your home!

Color your hair at home, with long-lasting, non-toxic, soy-based permanent hair dyes, made with conditioning and nourishing organic and natural ingredients such as flax, castor, and jojoba oils, and the infusion of lavender flower essences, grapefruit seed extract, silk, vitamin E and C and natural preservatives. EcoColors hair color preserves the integrity of the hair shafts and helps prevent breakage and hair loss.

EcoColors natural hair colors are superior to traditional permanent hair dyes because they do not contain gluten (celiac), PPD (allergen even in natural hair dye brands), sulfites, sulfates, paraben, propylene glycol, heavy metals or ethanolamine, synthetic chemical commonly present in no-ammonia natural hair dye brands, it is drying and damaging your hair.

Most people who are allergic to other hair color products do not react to EcoColors At-Home Hair Color Kits.
Our gentle permanent hair colors are for men and women with all hair types and work just like any other traditional hair color products.

We recommend EcoColors Organics Shampoo & Conditioner for best results after you apply color.

To this day, EcoColors Hair Color consistently surpasses its competitors in performance and quality with super conditioning natural hair color that is natural looking, shiny and blends the gray away, without damaging your hair.

At-Home Coloring Kits

Nontoxic Permanent Hair Colorants

Natural Color Shades
$29.95/Each (4 oz)

Black Hair Color 2NBlack hair permanent color 2N is formulated for gray coverage. Application will color hair in a dark brown shade.
To make a darker shade of black hair color, mix with Dark Ash Brown 4C or Dark Brown 5N.
Dark BrownDark Brown hair color 5N is formulated to cover gray hair. Application will dye your hair medium brown on hair that has more than 60% gray hair. Use Dark Ash Brown if you do not want to see underlying red tones and a darker shade of brown hair
Medium BrownMedium Brown 6N is formulated for permanent gray coverage. Application on gray hair will dye your hair a medium to light brown shade. If you want to counter red tones, try Eco Colors Medium Ash Brown instead.
Light BrownLight Brown 8N is formulated for gray coverage. Application will result in a light brown or golden shade. If you want to counteract red tones, try mixing with Medium Ash Blonde 8C

Dark Ash BrownDark Ash Brown 4C is formulated for gray coverage. Application will result in a natural dark brown hair color shade. Dark Ash Brown is used to counter unwanted red tones in existing dark brown hair.
Medium Ash BrownMedium Ash Brown 5C is formulated to cover grays and to counteract unwanted red tones. Application will color gray hair a medium brown tone. Medium Ash Brown is a neutral medium brown.
Reddish BrownReddish Brown 8OR will result in a reddish violet shade on gray hair. To make this shade look more natural please mix it with EcoColors Golden Blonde. Reddish Brown is a copper brown, and looks great when you mix it with Golden Blonde 8G. This combination on gray hair gives an auburn tone. You can also mix Reddish Brown with Dark Brown to give it a deeper look.

Golden Blonde WarmGolden Blonde 8G is formulated for gray coverage. Application will result in a light blond golden shade on gray hair. If you want to make a less golden blonde on grays, try mixing with Medium Ash Blonde or Neutral Blonde.
Bright RedBright Red 6RV is formulated for gray coverage. Application will result in a bright red shade. Bright Red can be applied to brighten brown hair to a warm tone.
Light AuburnLight Auburn hair colour 8RO is formulated for gray coverage. Application to a majority of greys will result in an orange unnatural shade. We recommend you mix this color with equal parts Golden Blonde 8G if you have more than 25% grays. The Light Auburn hair color alone looks great by itself on brown hair with NO gray.
Warm AuburnWarm Auburn 6RO will result in a red shade on grays. Use Warm Auburn if you want to see underlying red tones. Mix Warm Auburn hair color with Medium Brown or Dark Brown to achieve a natural red shade on gray hair. Mix Warm Auburn with Golden Blonde 8G to achieve a nice auburn color on gray hair. Warm Auburn is a natural red with slight cool tones.

Medium Ash BlondeMedium Ash Blonde 8C is a level 8 and will counteract orange or red tones. If you have more than 25% gray hair, you might want to mix Medium Ash Blonde and Light Brown in order for the grays to look natural.
Light Ash BlondeLight Ash Blonde 9C is formulated for gray coverage . Application will color hair in a light ash blond shade on gray or blond hair. Light Ash Blonde is the lightest shade in the Home Kit line.
Golden Blonde NeutralNeutral Blonde 8B is formulated for gray coverage. Application will result in a a true beige or wheat blond hair color. Mix with Golden Blonde to achieve a more natural looking blonde.
Dark BlondeDark Blonde 8V is formulated for gray coverage. Application will result in a light blond shade on gray hair. On other shades of hair you must do a test strand to determine the end color result. Dark Blonde is a cool blonde

If you are unsure of which color to use when coloring you hair at home, please contact us. A licensed stylist will assist you with your personalized formulation for your hair type,skin tone and hair style. Also, you may want to take a look at our color comparison chart, where we match our color to a few other hair dye brands.

EcoColors Organic Shampoo

Organic shampoo for normal to dry hair, or treated hair.
Cleans and nourishes while adding body and shine. Gentle on the hair follicle and hair shafts. Rich with proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Without sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates (sls) or paraben or other nasty chemicals.
Vitamins A and E are added to help soothe and protect the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Cruelty free. No synthetic colors, fragrances or fillers. Gluten free shampoo. Make with organic and natural ingredients. Recycled container. Available in 4oz travel size. Shampoo Ingredients

EcoColors Shampoo 4oz
/ $12.99
EcoColors Shampoo 8oz
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EcoColors Organic Conditioner

An organic and natural hair treatment to detangle hair and mend split ends. Our conditioner nourishes the hair shafts and hair follicle and leaves the hair full of shine and body. Revitalizes dry hair.
Can be used as a leave in conditioner.
Anti-static complex, helps reduce frizz and controls the hair. Amino acids and Vitamin A and vitamin E are added to protect and sooth the scalp and promote hair growth. Cruelty free. No synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances or fillers. Made 100% with organic ingredients. Gluten free. SLS free. Recycled container. Available in 4oz travel size. Conditioner Ingredients

EcoColors Conditioner 4oz
/ $13.99
EcoColors Conditioner 8oz
Temporarily out of stock.

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Retail price: $29.95 / Kit

What is included in the home kit?

The Home Hair Coloring Kit comes with everything you need for one 4oz application:
 - 2 oz EcoColors Hair Color.
 - 2 oz EcoColors Developer Gel Activator (in a 4oz applicator bottle).
 - Plastic gloves.
 - Plastic hair cap.
 - Easy to follow, step by step directions, and allergy patch test instructions.

[ Hair Color Ingredients ]

Shipping Special:
Buy up to 8 items and just pay $15.50 flat rate for shipping anywhere in the USA!

If you are unsure of what color to use, please contact us so that we can assist you in finding your personalized formulation. A professional hair colorist will help you get the best hair color for your type of hair and skin tone.



*Results may vary depending on hair types

Mix dark brown and bright red to get a nice burgundy color on brown hair

Mix medium brown and golden blonde to get a golden brown on brown hair

Paint medium ash blonde on brown hair in streaks to give subtle sunlit streaks

Use "Ash" colors if you want to counteract the warmth (red tone) in brown hair

Reddish brown gives a nice brick red tone on brown hair

Avoid using Light Auburn alone on gray hair, it is best to mix it with another color.

If you are unsure of what color to use, please contact us so that we can
assist you in finding your personalized formulation.

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