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Re: Fantastic Product!
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124 Subject: Re: Fantastic Product! Posted by:
Mon, Apr 01, 2002
12:35 PM

pattir: I am sorry that I did not reply promptly to your inquiry about the my fantastic results with the Ecocolors hair coloring products, but I do not regularly check the message board. I have lots of gray in the front crown area of my head and hairline of my forehead. I use 3 different hair colors per for the crown/hairline area and two combined for the roots and the ends. The formula is from my former and wonderful hair colorist who had relocated out of state. When I developed a scalp reaction to the products of the new hair colorist, I tried the Ecocolors home product kit. No reaction and the colors worked perfectly. (Lisa from Ecocolors helped coordinate the old color "recipe" with the new products.) My original hair color is dark brown but my hair color formula was developed for a golden brown look with the gray being a golden blonde. My hair texture is better and color fade is really not that noticable (the gray keeps looking better!), but I color every 5 weeks because of outgrowth. I am thrilled with Ecocolors because of health issues and being able to have attractive looking hair without the chemical side effects. I am sure you'll feel the same! Regards and good luck! Dana   

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