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Have you had good results with the most hyper sensitive clients?
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125 Subject: Have you had good results with the most hyper sensitive clients? Posted by:
kim Kim
Mon, Apr 01, 2002
12:35 PM

I am currently going through a detox, and plan to try your product after I am done. I have a history of allergic reaction since I was 24,( I am now 35)to hair chemicals. I did not have any allergies prior to working in a salon environment on a daily basis, and it took a while for these allergies to develop.( a few years) I went to a Dermatologist who claimed at the time that I was "sensitive " to repeatedly wetting my hands as a result of my profession. I ended up leaving my salon in devistation, with hands that literally had skin peeling off in sheets. Since then I have tried to color my hair twice, the first attempt 7 years ago ended up in weeping blisters, and scabs on my scalp, and a substantial hair loss. The second, a few weeks ago with the aid of a product added to the hair color mixture that is for sensitive scalp, the result was less intense, but I still had burns on the tops of my ears and the nape of my neck. I have got to say that I was so gratified to find this website, and to find others like myself.For years I have tried to find out what I am allergic to and even had one allergist even tell me that I am not allergic to anything?!! How long should I give my system before testing your product? ( I colored 3 weeks ago) Have you had good results with sensitivities such as mine or even worse?   

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