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RE: Itchy head problem/Allergy test available before purchasing
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860 Subject: RE: Itchy head problem/Allergy test available before purchasing Posted by:
EcoColors Inc
Mon, Mar 02, 2009
06:07 AM

For a free allergy test send a self addressed stamped envelope with $1.50 postage to receive a sample for an allergy patch test. Be sure to include the request for the color you wish to try. Send the self addressed envelope inside of an envelope addressed to: Ecocolors Inc. 4760 Hammermill Rd #106 Atlanta GA *30084* The self addressed envelope should be a small manilla type envelope about 4 inches by 8 inches.(larger than a legal size envelope) This way you can see if you are allergic before you order since all orders are nonrefundable and allergies are not to be taken lightly. Please remember allergies may develop over time and just because you did not react the first time, does not mean you won't react in the future.

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