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...Many of them with us for 2 decades!

Kathleen WM, INDIANA, PA:
"I have been very satisfied with your home hair dye kits. They are safer than over-the-counter hair dyes, your colors look natural, they don't seem to dry out my hair as much as other products have, and I have had no skin irritations or allergic reactions to your hair color products.Thank you."

Patty G. Atlanta, GA:
"Thanks so much for having such a great product . For the first time in five years I was able to dye my hair without nervous system side effects. And what great color! I used medium brown and it was perfect. I have had so many comments from friends and co-workers."

Cheryl N., Atlanta GA:
"Random Search. I love this color, my hair is starting to feel good again."

Laura R., MI:
"I thought i'd never color my hair again... now my hair feels great... and I had no allergic response to the color!"

Leslie, CA:
"I have been using your product for years now and still very happy with it."

Suzanne M., Stone Ridge, VA:
"Love the products!"

Robin G., Charlotte, NC:
"The best hair dye for those who have a 100% gray hair. Thank you!"

Cheryl G., ON , Canada:
"Wonderful product. I just colored my hair with EcoColors for the first time tonight. No smell, or burning eyes or itchy, sore scalp and your product leaves hair manageable and very natural looking."

Phyl S.,Traverse City, MI:
"LOVE the results of my hair using ECOCOLORS...I shared ECOCOLORS with my friends and they also LOVE the ECOCOLORS."

"I found EcoColors on the internet. I love the color, shine, and healthy look. I have tried Herbatint and Naturcolor and your product is the most natural looking."

K. U., ON, Canada:
"I was looking for a natural hair color with organic ingredients for a long time. I was so lucky when I found your website. I have used your great products since 2015. Thank you!!"

"I am devoted to your product. I have had to stop using all toxic products on myself due to heavy metals toxicity. I love EcoColors. Thank you for going green."

"EcoColors always produce excellent results. I have allergies to many products and these have never caused a problem."

Beth L., Reading, PA:
"I am chemically sensitive and cannot handle strong odors and harsh chemicals. I googled and found ecocolors. I have used them for 6 months and am very pleased. The colors are true, hold up quite a while, and my hair is in much better condition than when using commercial colors, less dry and broken."

Isela C.:
"If your hair color was a soup, it would be the SOUP OF THE DAY!!!! By far the best hair color that I have ever tried in my entire hair coloring life - Thanks!!!! You guys rule!"

Carol D., Ligonier, PA:
"I am extremely pleased with EcoColors! Color is great, hair is healthy and my scalp shows no signs of allergic reaction. Thank you for your products!"

Kathryn G., Mountain View MO:
"Thank you so much for your hair coloring. You have no idea how much I appreciate finding EcoColors!"

JoAnn O., Schenectady, NY:
"I just LOVE EcoColors.."

Margaret D., VA:
"I found EcoColors online when looking for a product that did not have such harmful chemicals and in which the color would last longer in between coloring. I like the results much more than Naturtint which I had been using, and others previous to that. Thank you for your product - better for hair and the environment!"

Linda B., Dublin, CA:
"This is my third order and fourth month as a redhead! l love it, and so does my husband."

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