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EcoColors Hair Color Reviews

Testimonials from our customers...

...Many of them with us for 2 decades!

Kathryn G:
"Thank you so much for your hair coloring. You have no idea how much I appreciate finding EcoColors!"

Miriam S., Sparks, NV:
"My sister's hair salon uses EcoColors hair colors and she loves it!"

Robin L, Joondalup, WA:
"After having tried other male hair coloring products like Just For Men and getting an allergic reaction I ordered Ecocolors Light Brown and did the patch test with no reaction, the color was too light for me though."

Laura R:
"I thought i'd never color my hair again... now my hair feels great... and I had no allergic response to the color!"

Kathryn G., Mountain View, MO:
"Been a customer for about 3 years. Wouldn't use anything else! Love it love it!!!! Thanks"

Kim M., Black Hawk, CO:
"I found EcoColors while googling for natural hair colors. I love love love my hair! I use Reddish Brown and the color looks natural and shiny. But more than that, my hair feels terrific! Thank you for developing such a wonderful product - I recommend it to everyone!"

"The first time I used EcoColors I went to an event the same night. Within 20 minutes I had 3 women I didn't know come up to me and ask who had done my color. I've never had that before in 37 years of the same hair color!"

Phyl S.,Traverse City, MI:
"LOVE the results of my hair using ECOCOLORS...I shared ECOCOLORS with my friends and they also LOVE the ECOCOLORS."

Holly R. AL:
"Eco colors is the only hair color that doesn't irritate my scalp,and the colors are beautiful!"

Patty G:
"Thanks so much for having such a great product . For the first time in five years I was able to dye my hair without nervous system side effects. And what great color! I used medium brown and it was perfect. I have had so many comments from friends and co-workers."

"I am allergic to ppd but have been using your product without problem..."

"I really like the color and how my hair feels afterwards."

Allyson G., NOKOMIS, FL:
"Through a TV News report. I tried it once and am very happy with the results and have told some friends about the product. They told me it would wash out quickly but it has been nearly a month and the color is still shiny, and true to color. it was easy to use and pleasant smelling. I will continue to use this product and continue to tell friends about it who comment on how nice my hair looks. Thank you for this product."

Margaret D., VA:
"I found EcoColors online when looking for a product that did not have such harmful chemicals and in which the color would last longer in between coloring. I like the results much more than Naturtint which I had been using, and others previous to that. Thank you for your product - better for hair and the environment!"

Grace K., OAK PARK, CA:
"I've been purchasing EcoColors for several years now, and I love it! Its the only color that I feel enriches my hair not leaving dry."

"I found out about you through a magazine and have been using you for over a year -- best haircolor ever!"

Karen C., Louisville , KY:
"Had an excellent experience with using this hair color. Most hair color makes my hands swell and hurt, and makes my vision blurry. I am allergic to Formaldehyde. The color covered the grey well. I want to try the medium brown this time instead of the dark brown. Thanks for the excellent product!"

Jennifer R, Watergate CA:
"Article online about hair dye allergies - it recommended EcoColors as a PPD-free alternative. I have noticed a big difference in using EcoColors; I no longer get scalp itching and burning, which lasted up to two days the last time I used a PPD-containing hair color."

E F, TX.:
"I have scalp psoriasis that covers everything under the hair on my head. I recently was diagnosed after struggling for years with flakes. I also recently took a patch test to find out I'm allergic to several things in many products. After I got my hair dyed at the salon, each time, my scalp would get worse and worse. I finally discovered something that works for me. I've only used your product one time so far, but I will always color my hair at home from now on. I thought I was just going to have to go gray, which made me sad since I'm only in my thirties. I'm now on my second order, and I couldn't thank you more for this product! My scalp had zero reaction to the at home color kit. I literally had no itch, no flakes, not even a twinge! Thank you, EcoColors!!!!!"

"I was looking for natural hair dye on the internet and found you several years ago. I love your product. My hair is healthier and thicker than before I was using your dye. When I get my hair cut, my hairdresser always comments on how shiny and healthy my hair is and I always tell them why."

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