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...Many of them with us for 2 decades!

Margaret R., East Lansing, MI:
"This is a terrific product! I was amazed at how long the color lasted without fading. Thank you for developing a friendly hair color that looks very natural."

Mrs & Mr De Maria, Carine, West Australia:
"Can you please tell me if your product is sold in Australia? My wife's used it while visiting Canada and thinks it is the best color she has ever used! Best Regards Mrs & Mr De Maria"

Margaret D., VA:
"I found EcoColors online when looking for a product that did not have such harmful chemicals and in which the color would last longer in between coloring. I like the results much more than Naturtint which I had been using, and others previous to that. Thank you for your product - better for hair and the environment!"

Isela C.:
"If your hair color was a soup, it would be the SOUP OF THE DAY!!!! By far the best hair color that I have ever tried in my entire hair coloring life - Thanks!!!! You guys rule!"

"Debra B., the beautician who used to color and cut my hair, recommended EcoColors when she moved away. Since I am allergic to many products, I greatly appreciate the quality, color, and freedom from allergy that EcoColors provides. Many thanks for your exceptional products!"

Robin G., Charlotte, NC:
"The best hair dye for those who have a 100% gray hair. Thank you!"

Mary L. SD:
"I found Eco-colors when I was looking for cruelty-free hair color. I have been using it for about 2 years now, and LOVE the results-shiny, natural looking color, and no testing on animals! Win, Win!"

Felicia H. GA:
"I found Ecocolors on Leaping Bunny years ago. I love the product."

Gala M, Prudenville, MI:
"I have many allergies and this is the first hair color that causes no adverse reaction and looks fantastic! It is sad that others continue to use products that contain chemicals that can harm their body when EcoColors is available."

Fethiye S., CHICAGO, IL:
"Wonderful product."

"I found searching on line for natural products. I love your colors and your company. I have a compromised immune system (hyperthyroid and fibromyalgia). I never feel badly when I use your products!"

Karen P., Newberry MI:
"Thank you!!! I LOVE your product! I just used it again, and everyone at the holiday parties was remarking how gorgeous and healthy my hair is!!! Thanks again!!!"

"I found u online. I had a bad reaction to nice and easy . My scalp was seeping and itching horribly. I thought it would never heal. One time with your shampoo and I got relief from the itching and it healed my scalp thank u so much for your product. It was your reviews from other people that convinced me to try it and at the point I was willing to try anything to relieve the itching. I absolutely love your product, I can't use anything else and frankly I'm afraid to. My hair used to break off in the same spot all the time forcing me to cut it. With ur product that's no more and my hair has grown three more inches without breaking .=) I really can't thank u enough u are a life saver when it comes to my hair. Shari"

Bogusia R., NY:
"I'm ordering again your products including shampoo and conditioner. Works great on my very sensitive scalp and very gray dry hair. Thank you."

Phyl S.,Traverse City, MI:
"LOVE the results of my hair using ECOCOLORS...I shared ECOCOLORS with my friends and they also LOVE the ECOCOLORS."

Wanda K., Atlanta GA:
"Just a note to tell you how happy I am with my hair color."

Allyson G., NOKOMIS, FL:
"Through a TV News report. I tried it once and am very happy with the results and have told some friends about the product. They told me it would wash out quickly but it has been nearly a month and the color is still shiny, and true to color. it was easy to use and pleasant smelling. I will continue to use this product and continue to tell friends about it who comment on how nice my hair looks. Thank you for this product."

Ann S:
"I love this product! My hair is no longer falling out by the handful!!"

"Love the color."

Laura N., Rochester, MN:
"I LOVE your hair coloring!!!!!
So gentle on my hair & doesn't wash out."

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