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EcoColors Hair Color Reviews

Testimonials from our customers...

...Many of them with us for 2 decades!

Clarita S., Itasca, IL:
"Found EcoColors on the internet. I am happy with the product."

April Z., Myrtle Beach, SC:
"I first heard of EcoColors on the forum for Sara Snow. It's so much better than what I was using, which was also natural, but very harsh. The color looks better than anything I've ever used, and my hair feels silky smooth! Thank you for making a great product!"

"I started using your hair color a few years ago and I love it! My hair looks and feels so much better than when I was using other hair color. My hair dresser even asked what I was using because my hair looks so shiny and healthy. I also love the way it completely covers my gray, but blends with the gray when it's growing out so there isn't such an obvious stripe down my part a couple of weeks after dying it. Thank you for making a wonderful product!"

"Love the color."

Beth L., Reading, PA:
"I am chemically sensitive and cannot handle strong odors and harsh chemicals. I googled and found ecocolors. I have used them for 6 months and am very pleased. The colors are true, hold up quite a while, and my hair is in much better condition than when using commercial colors, less dry and broken."

Kim M., Black Hawk, CO:
"I found EcoColors while googling for natural hair colors. I love love love my hair! I use Reddish Brown and the color looks natural and shiny. But more than that, my hair feels terrific! Thank you for developing such a wonderful product - I recommend it to everyone!"

Sylvia B:
"I am very pleased with the result I got from using your product.My hair is 95% gray, and the light brown shade produced a beautiful light gold brown color that will blend well when the gray begins to grow in."

Melinda M., HOBE SOUND, FL:
"I found EcoColors when I was researching toxic hair color alternatives on the internet. I love the results I get from it. It actually looks more natural than the traditional color I was using. I tell everyone about it!"

"Found ecocolors by google. I love the product! The color lasts a lot longer than store bought and my hair feels terrific."

"Returning customer, originally found online through my own research. I LOVE this hair color. My hair looked and felt great. I could tell it was non toxic by how could barely smell it when applying. I'm impressed."

"This is great stuff!"

Robin G., Charlotte, NC:
"The best product I have ever used that actually covers my 100% gray hair. I am happy I found your site. Thank you EcoColors!"

"This is the only color product that does not burn my scalp - both salon products and OTC. I switched from 1/2 golden blonde and 1/2 natural blonde to all golden blonde - it is such a beautiful color. Very easy to use and shiny. thanks for this product - I wasn't ready to go gray yet."

Shirley W., Simsbury, CT.:
"I've been using Ecocolors haircoloring for about two years, and it continues to provide great color without allergy problems that I used to encounter with commercial brands."

Nancy B., Lido Beach, NY:
"I hope you don't stop making the hair color. It makes my hair soft and shiny without nasty chemicals and parabens."

Priscilla N. MILPITAS, CA:
"I am so glad I found your product. I am allergic to every other product on the market and thought I was destined to live with grey hair. Thank you for the formula you have created for those of us who had run out of options."

Miriam S., Sparks, NV:
"My sister's hair salon uses EcoColors hair colors and she loves it!"

"...Your produce is very nice, makes my hair shiny , I do have some gray and results are excellent. Will purchase for many years. Thank you."

Marsha B., Bloomfield NY:
"This hair color is great! Thank you for this product."

Linda B., Dublin, CA:
"I used warm auburn on my thick 30-40% gray & brown hair last month and absolutely love it! The red didn't fade to pink as other brands do, and the richness and shine makes me feel years younger! FABULOUS PRODUCT."

"Found you on the internet. love it! Gentle on curly, fragile hair."

Cathy C, Ontario, Canada:
"Online search for PPD free hair color. Very pleased with the results of this hair dye. Good grey coverage as long as you follow instructions as given for stubborn greys. And no allergic reaction."

Mary L.:
"I love Ecocolors!!! All other haircolors I tried made my scalp burn and itch. I love the color too!!! I would probably look much older if Ecocolors didn't exist because I'd probably have to go without haircolor and have alot of gray. Thank you!!!"

Julie J.:
"I'm looking for a salon in the Salt Lake City, Utah area that has Eco Colors. My son works at a salon in Balitmore and used your product on my hair. It's fabulous! Now I'm spoiled. Please advise."

Jackie P., Baton Rouge, LA:
"I loved it and didn't have an allergic reaction for the first time in a year. My hairdresser also loved it."

Phyl S.,Traverse City, MI:
"LOVE the results of my hair using ECOCOLORS...I shared ECOCOLORS with my friends and they also LOVE the ECOCOLORS."

Leslie, CA:
"I have been using your product for years now and still very happy with it."

Tina R., Star, ID:
"I really like how it made my hair look shiny & healthy."

"EcoColors always produce excellent results. I have allergies to many products and these have never caused a problem."

Bogusia R., NY:
"I'm ordering again your products including shampoo and conditioner. Works great on my very sensitive scalp and very gray dry hair. Thank you."

Julie B., Verona, WI:
"Very gentle and natural looking color."

"I love your hair color!! I am brunette/ chestnut with a little grey and am using your Dark Brown 5N. I used first time and had wonderful results. It covered my grey excellently and also is the prettiest shade of brown I have ever used; I receive many compliments on my nice hair color!"

Nathalie K. CA:
"My favorite safer brand of hair color!"

Monique M., New York.:
"I was surprised that the color lasts as long as the regular hair color, but much more gentle on the hair. Thank you."

"I've been a licensed hairdrsser for 25 years and 5 years ago i developed an allergy to ppd) but was unable to color hair, my income fell in half. Then a client of mine has a daughter in Pennsylvania who had come across your haircolor and let me know about it .I studied it online and tried it about a year ago and I love it. I've had no allergic reaction of any kind. It's great."

Carol D., Ligonier, PA:
"I am extremely pleased with EcoColors! Color is great, hair is healthy and my scalp shows no signs of allergic reaction. Thank you for your products!"

Cheryl N., Atlanta GA:
"Random Search. I love this color, my hair is starting to feel good again."

Cheryl K, Tampa FL.:
"Love it! Thanks for making a hair color I feel safe using after chemo and radiation. Minimizing the chemicals I am exposed to."

Karen P., Newberry MI:
"So wonderful! I feel much more at peace using your product, and when I had a question, the response was so helpful and fast! I now have my mom hooked on Ecocolors as well! Thank you!"

Rita D., Singapore:
"I think eco colors are the safest color I have used so far, it doesn't damage my hair like other hair colors do, the only down side is that they don't sell in Singapore or Australia. Thank you for creating this wonderful product."

Kathryn G., Mountain View, MO:
"Been a customer for about 3 years. Wouldn't use anything else! Love it love it!!!! Thanks"

Linda A., Howell, NJ:
"My daughter orders from you and she ordered the medium ash brown for me to try and I love it!!!"

Meredith G., ABILENE, TX:
"I found EcoColors on the Internet. It is wonderful and I had no itching or rash type welts at all. The colors I used were exactly what I was looking for and I'm so pleased to find your product."

"I found searching on line for natural products. I love your colors and your company. I have a compromised immune system (hyperthyroid and fibromyalgia). I never feel badly when I use your products!"

Lori C., San Francisco, CA:
"A co-worker uses this brand. I noticed the beautiful color and look of her hair."

Delia K. AB, Canada:
"Your product is wonderful! I have Celiac and am extremely sensitive to even trace gluten. I have used this twice with no adverse reactions whatsoever! It covers my grey completely and my hair is healthier and shines! Great product!"

Hope D., Brookfield, WI:
"Loved your product. I became allergic to my original product and had no problem with yours."

Mrs & Mr De Maria, Carine, West Australia:
"Can you please tell me if your product is sold in Australia? My wife's used it while visiting Canada and thinks it is the best color she has ever used! Best Regards Mrs & Mr De Maria"

Ann S:
"I love this product!"

Karen C., Louisville , KY:
"Had an excellent experience with using this hair color. Most hair color makes my hands swell and hurt, and makes my vision blurry. I am allergic to Formaldehyde. The color covered the grey well. I want to try the medium brown this time instead of the dark brown. Thanks for the excellent product!"

Cheryl G., ON , Canada:
"Wonderful product. I just colored my hair with EcoColors for the first time tonight. No smell, or burning eyes or itchy, sore scalp and your product leaves hair manageable and very natural looking."

Gerry E. CT:
"I have been using EcoColors for over 10 it.. I get two different shades and mix them for my perfect match. And I don't get a rash like other hair colors in the stores and at the hair salons"

"I found u online. I had a bad reaction to nice and easy . My scalp was seeping and itching horribly. I thought it would never heal. One time with your shampoo and I got relief from the itching and it healed my scalp thank u so much for your product. It was your reviews from other people that convinced me to try it and at the point I was willing to try anything to relieve the itching. I absolutely love your product, I can't use anything else and frankly I'm afraid to. My hair used to break off in the same spot all the time forcing me to cut it. With ur product that's no more and my hair has grown three more inches without breaking .=) I really can't thank u enough u are a life saver when it comes to my hair. Shari"

Mermaids Salon, MONTEREY, CA:
"I found it online and I love it."

Theresa N, Long Beach, NY:
"I just love it. The color is true to the Wella I used to use. EcoColors leaves my hair so soft with a great shine. My hair stays that way till the next touch up which is in about a month"

Eleanor M.  ME:
"A friend recommended it. I’ve been using it for a few years and am very pleased with the results. People comment often how nice my hair color is. Thanks."

Kathleen W., Kelowna, Canada.:
"I had it in the cupboard for a long time. I was afraid to use it because I have a very sensitive scalp. When I finally decided to use it I was so pleased with the results- beautiful color, and left my hair looking shiny and healthy!"

C F., Sacramento Ca.:
"I've been using EcoColors for over a year and I am very pleased with the results! Thank you for offering such an effective and non-toxic hair color solution to the public!"

"I really like the color and how my hair feels afterwards."

Laura N:
"I LOVE your hair coloring!!!!!
So gentle on my hair & doesn't wash out."

Kris J., APO, AE:
"Thank you so much for your prompt service. And I love your product, too! Regards, Kris."

Linda B., Dublin, CA:
"This is my third order and fourth month as a redhead! l love it, and so does my husband."

"Thank you! Have just used your hair color and cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the results. It is truly the best I have ever used. And I have been using the Health Food Store brands for several years now, so am already using a gentler product...but nothing compares to the beauty of your product!!"

Doll  C., OURAY, CO:
"First hair color that left my hair soft and with shine. Color was nice. I mixed light brown and medium ash brown. So far my scape is free of soreness."

Laura C. WA:
"I used a product that caused intense itching and redness around my ears. No problem with EcoColors. Hair color looks natural, and my hair feels silky and soft. Thank you very much for a great product, and for talking with me."

Janet B., DRACUT, MA:
"It has done wonders for my scalp. Thank you so much. I no longer have itching and sores in my head."

Margaret R., East Lansing, MI:
"This is a terrific product! I was amazed at how long the color lasted without fading. Thank you for developing a friendly hair color that looks very natural."

Andrea H., Williston, ND:
"Found you on the internet. LOVE the results I get with your products! Am extremely chemical sensitive and you provided me with a fabulous alternative to salon and store hair color."

Felicia H. GA:
"I found Ecocolors on Leaping Bunny years ago. I love the product."

Ann S, Highland MD:
"Internet Search - I love this product! My hair is no longer falling out by the handful!!"

"I love the color."

Wanda K:
"Just a note to tell you how happy I am with my hair color."

linda C.:
"Internet search after severe reaction to product I had been using. Visit to Urgent Care. I am pleased with EcoColors. The color looks very natural!"

Cathy G. Houston ,TX:
"I've used your product twice now (2 different colors) and am thrilled not to have an allergic reaction to. I really wasn't ready to be 50% gray at age 48. My ego thanks you."

Margaret D., VA:
"I found EcoColors online when looking for a product that did not have such harmful chemicals and in which the color would last longer in between coloring. I like the results much more than Naturtint which I had been using, and others previous to that. Thank you for your product - better for hair and the environment!"

Mary L. SD:
"I found Eco-colors when I was looking for cruelty-free hair color. I have been using it for about 2 years now, and LOVE the results-shiny, natural looking color, and no testing on animals! Win, Win!"

Isela C.:
"If your hair color was a soup, it would be the SOUP OF THE DAY!!!! By far the best hair color that I have ever tried in my entire hair coloring life - Thanks!!!! You guys rule!"

Suzanne M., Stone Ridge, VA:
"Love the products!"

Laura R:
"I thought i'd never color my hair again... now my hair feels great... and I had no allergic response to the color!"

Elizabeth B., Eugene, OR:
"My clients and I are really enjoying EcoColors..."

"I was looking for natural hair dye on the internet and found you several years ago. I love your product. My hair is healthier and thicker than before I was using your dye. When I get my hair cut, my hairdresser always comments on how shiny and healthy my hair is and I always tell them why."

Shirley L., Kirkland, IL:
"Very good color and easy to use."

"I am allergic to ppd but have been using your product without problem..."

Robin G., Charlotte, NC:
"The best hair dye for those who have a 100% gray hair. Thank you!"

Jennifer R, Watergate CA:
"Article online about hair dye allergies - it recommended EcoColors as a PPD-free alternative. I have noticed a big difference in using EcoColors; I no longer get scalp itching and burning, which lasted up to two days the last time I used a PPD-containing hair color."

Bertha C, LA:
"I've been using EcoColors since I was referred to this product by a friend who had allergies similar to my own. I cannot remember the year I first ordered but it must be about 20 or so years ago. I have always been very pleased with my order."

Luz R. El Paso, TX.:
"I found it when I was looking for gluten free haircolor. I LOVE the way my hair looks, healthier and color tone is so natural"

Judy L., Santa Barbara CA:
"Have visited a local salon that uses your products. Love them!!"

Kathleen WM, INDIANA, PA:
"I have been very satisfied with your home hair dye kits. They are safer than over-the-counter hair dyes, your colors look natural, they don't seem to dry out my hair as much as other products have, and I have had no skin irritations or allergic reactions to your hair color products.Thank you."

"This is the best product on the planet! Thanks so much! My clients love this stuff!"

Christina B.:
"I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for such a WONDERFUL product. I have tried Clairol, Revlon, L'Oreal, and Garnier, and have not been completely happy with any of their products. I am VERY happy with the results of your hair color... It's a perfect product that did not dry out my hair, or leave an unnatural shimmer. I actually think it helped condition my hair a bit! Thank you again!"

Meredith S., Van Nuys, CA:
"I get so many compliments on my hair color, it's really surprising! I have been using EcoColors for about 4 years. This is a terrific product that leaves my hair thick and soft with natural shine. No burning or itching on my scalp, I like the shampoo as well."

Karen P., Newberry MI:
"Thank you!!! I LOVE your product! I just used it again, and everyone at the holiday parties was remarking how gorgeous and healthy my hair is!!! Thanks again!!!"

Darlene C. , Ottawa CANADA:
"I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful haircolor! I had SEVERE allergies to hairdyes and thought I would never be able to color my hair ever again. Your product works wonders!"

Catherine K., Chicago, IL:
"I found this product through the internet and love it!"

"To fill you in, I had a wedding to go to and I was afraid to follow your directions of blending both of the I just put the Medium Ash blonde and I loved it! I will try both colors next time, but until the sun gets to my hair, the Medium Ash blonde will do just fine. I wonder if the Dark Ash blonde would work for me too? Thanks so much for all of your help, after putting the Medium Ash blonde on I felt human again!"

Kathryn G:
"Thank you so much for your hair coloring. You have no idea how much I appreciate finding EcoColors!"

"This is the best line I have ever worked with in the 15 years I have been a color specialist!"

Cathy G., Houston, TX:
"I found EcoColors when I developed an allergy (intense itching) to regular hair color products and didn't think I would be able to continue coloring my hair in order to cover my gray. I was so glad to find that I was not only not allergic to EcoColors, but it gave excellent gray coverage and beautiful color to my hair. I'm often asked about my hair color and complimented on it. I guess you can have your cake and eat it too!"

"I am happily using your products for a little while now...and am really delighted with the color and the quality of my hair following the coloring! Thank you!"

"The first time I used EcoColors I went to an event the same night. Within 20 minutes I had 3 women I didn't know come up to me and ask who had done my color. I've never had that before in 37 years of the same hair color!"

Natalie K, CA:
"Have been using since 2020 and love the results from this safer hair color!"

Tina K., GA:
"I found EcoColors by searching for cruelty free hair colors, and then reading reviews. Cruelty free is the most important quality to me,but I am very happy with the gentleness and final color of this product!"

Susan B., CANTON, OH:
"I used them before and they are the ONLY ones to buy!! No other comes close!"

Davey F , NM:
"I was looking for a chemical free product and I’m so glad I found Eco Colors. It is by far the best product I’ve ever used on my hair!!"

Sophia A. FL:
"Best color I've ever used. I love EcoColors! Thank you for making a wonderful product."

Leslie D., LAKEWOOD, CA:
"My client has not had a migraine headache since we used your color. AMAZING! Thank you."

"I loved your color and feel confident about continuing to color my own hair."

Maryanne S.  Indianapolis IN:
"This color was so easy to apply. I am so happy with the results and it did not burn my scalp. My hair is soft and shiny. Thank you so much for a wonderful hair product."

Bonnie, Brigham City UT:
"My hairdresser began ordering your haircolor for me when I realized that I was allergic to normal haircolor. I love Ecocolors and have used it for years now."

K. U., ON, Canada:
"I was looking for a natural hair color with organic ingredients for a long time. I was so lucky when I found your website. I have used your great products since 2015. Thank you!!"

Marie B., Virginia Beach, VA:
"I was searching for non toxic hair coloring and EcoColors is by far the best I found!"

Gala M., Prudenville, MI:
"I love ecocolors because they look natural and are non-toxic . Thank you for making this fine product available to the consumer."

Michelle W., Victoria BC:
"I found EcoColors through an online search. The product works well and seems to be very gentle on my hair, which I appreciate a great deal. I also like the fact that the smell is relatively minimal"

"I tried eco colors golden blonde, coloring my hair for 20 years, this was the best match and lasting color I have ever used. blended so well with out growth. everyone asks me what I'm using, I always give them the complete rundown on eco colors and web site info. so many compliments! thanks eco colors!"

Mrs N K, Ireland:
"Heard about your products from my friend who has the same problem as me - Super Hypersensitive scalp till she she started using your hair colour!"

Gala M, Prudenville, MI:
"I have many allergies and this is the first hair color that causes no adverse reaction and looks fantastic! It is sad that others continue to use products that contain chemicals that can harm their body when EcoColors is available."

"I found out about you through a magazine and have been using you for over a year -- best haircolor ever!"

Denise L., Kingston, WA:
"Good coverage, no allergic reaction!!!"

Andrea V, VA:
"I get a cough and nasal/sore throat symptoms from ethanolamine (ammonia-free) hair color so wanted to go back to ammonia hair dye product that has less side effects."

Nancy, M., Midland MI.:
"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your EcoColors hair color...With your product, there is no smell and the gray coverage is extraordinary. Your product is fantastic. Thanks so much for enabling those who color their hair at home and those concerned with earth friendly products to be able to receive them from you."

"This is the best hair color product I have ever used! The color is great and lasts, my hair feels soft, and the smell is nice (no bad chemical odor). Plus the fact that it is environmentally conscious is very important."

Holly R. AL:
"Eco colors is the only hair color that doesn't irritate my scalp,and the colors are beautiful!"

Fethiye S., CHICAGO, IL:
"Wonderful product."

Allyson G., NOKOMIS, FL:
"Through a TV News report. I tried it once and am very happy with the results and have told some friends about the product. They told me it would wash out quickly but it has been nearly a month and the color is still shiny, and true to color. it was easy to use and pleasant smelling. I will continue to use this product and continue to tell friends about it who comment on how nice my hair looks. Thank you for this product."

Jennifer S. N Huntington, PA:
"LOVE your product so much! It is superior to every boxed color I have found...thank you for being kind to me, and the planet!"

Linda C:
"Great hair color!! Easy to use at home to cover gray hair."

Pam G:
"It is a pleasure dealing with you. Your product is excellent and the service is great. Thank you."

Barbabra K. Granville NY:
"My stylist has been using your professional products on my hair for a few years now with amazing results as I am allergic to traditional color. Ordering the at home version to get me through til I can have a professional cut and color. Thanks so much for an fantastic product!"

Diane B, Fox River Grove, IL.:
"I have found EcoColors covers my hard to cover gray and lasts just like the permanent hair color I was using. It is great knowing it is natural and safe to use!"

"Debra B., the beautician who used to color and cut my hair, recommended EcoColors when she moved away. Since I am allergic to many products, I greatly appreciate the quality, color, and freedom from allergy that EcoColors provides. Many thanks for your exceptional products!"

Delia K., AB Canada.:
"Your product is wonderful! I have Celiac and am extremely sensitive to even trace gluten. I have used this twice with no adverse reactions whatsoever! It covers my grey completely and my hair is healthier and shines! Great product!"

Grace K., OAK PARK, CA:
"I've been purchasing EcoColors for several years now, and I love it! Its the only color that I feel enriches my hair not leaving dry."

Gaby F., Jacksonville FL.:
"I love your great customer service and products. Keep up the great work!"

"I found EcoColors on the internet. I love the color, shine, and healthy look. I have tried Herbatint and Naturcolor and your product is the most natural looking."

Cecelia S., UNIONTOWN, PA:
"Best hair color I ever used!"

Gala M., Prudenville, MI:
"Thank you for your excellent hair color and prompt service."

Karyl M., Warwick, RI:
"I found EcoColors 2 years ago on line and have been using it ever since. I love this color line. My hair has never been healthier."

"I am devoted to your product. I have had to stop using all toxic products on myself due to heavy metals toxicity. I love EcoColors. Thank you for going green."

E F, TX.:
"I have scalp psoriasis that covers everything under the hair on my head. I recently was diagnosed after struggling for years with flakes. I also recently took a patch test to find out I'm allergic to several things in many products. After I got my hair dyed at the salon, each time, my scalp would get worse and worse. I finally discovered something that works for me. I've only used your product one time so far, but I will always color my hair at home from now on. I thought I was just going to have to go gray, which made me sad since I'm only in my thirties. I'm now on my second order, and I couldn't thank you more for this product! My scalp had zero reaction to the at home color kit. I literally had no itch, no flakes, not even a twinge! Thank you, EcoColors!!!!!"

Shirley L., HAMILTON, IL:
"Very nice and easy to use."

Patty G:
"Thanks so much for having such a great product . For the first time in five years I was able to dye my hair without nervous system side effects. And what great color! I used medium brown and it was perfect. I have had so many comments from friends and co-workers."

Robin L, Joondalup, WA:
"After having tried other male hair coloring products like Just For Men and getting an allergic reaction I ordered Ecocolors Light Brown and did the patch test with no reaction, the color was too light for me though."

Ellen K., Spring Creek, NV:
"It's the best, I love it."

JoAnn O., Schenectady, NY:
"I just LOVE EcoColors.."

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